How to Grow Garlic at Home

Garlic provides many health benefits, due to its numerous nitrogenous substances, which consist of: calcium, magnesium, silicon, sulfuric, phosphoric acid, vitamin B,C,D, sodium, potassium, selenium, phytosterols, extractives and essential oils.

This amazing plant can fight against various infections caused by fungi or bacteria. Moreover, garlic is claimed to be one of the most powerful natural antibiotics.

You should try to include it to your daily diet and consume one to two cloves of garlic per day. You can learn how to grow garlic at home. This is an easy and cheap practice and you only need the following:

  • 1 head of garlic
  • Potting soil
  • Container

Fill the container with soil and break the garlic cloves apart. Place each clove into the soil (vertically) at a depth of about one inch. Make sure that the cloves are well covered with soil and that there is 1 inch of soil over each broken part.

Then place the container somewhere where it will get plenty of direct sunlight. Water the container every time you notice that the soil gets dry (typically this will be every 1 to 2 days depending on how much sunlight the soil absorbs).

When the greens grow about 3 inches clip them off leaving an inch to grow again. When the greens start turning brown and dry, there should be a full bulb formed under the soil.

After you learn how to grow garlic at home, you will be able to repeat the procedure every time your supply decreases giving you an endless supply of garlic!