Shower in the morning or at night? The difference will surprise you!

Usually, the time to take shower we choose for the practicality reasons , for example, when we can not wake up early in the morning, the shower at the night before bed or as needed.

Many experts debated whether for the body is healthier to take a shower in the morning or in the evening. While they are arguing over it, the decision depends entirely on you – your hair, skin, body and lifestyle.

In addition, we offer three questions and the answers that will help you to find what is better for you.

Your skin is dry or oily?

If you have oily skin, most likely you will clean face in the morning regardless of whether you are taking shower or not. But not everyone wants to wash his face twice daily.

If you have dry skin, jumping into a hot shower in the early morning can seriously reduce moisture and hydration, which is essential for your skin. In this case, it may be better to skip the shower in the morning and only gently clean the face.

Do you have trouble with waking or sleeping?

For some, a hot shower at the end of the day is the perfect excuse for relaxing and relieving stress. But we cannot ignore the fact that the shower awakens your body, raises body temperature at a time when naturally it should be reduced in order to prepare your body for sleeping. If you have trouble with sleeping, showering at night in no way helps for your insomnia.

Do you feel that you are dirty during the day?

This is too obvious, but if at end of the day you come home and feeling unclean evening shower certainly is an option for you. No matter whether you are active only during the day or your job involves working with children, of course you want to freshen up before going to bed. On the other hand, for some, it is crucial to start the day feeling fresh and clean, so the choice will be a morning shower.