This Blood Type Chart Will Help Your Weight Loss

It’s here people. It’s finally here. If you go to see a doctor and ask him to prescribe you a diet, he will test your blood first.

Anyway, your blood type tells the truth about what your body handles well and what not. Your blood has needs, too. It’s up to you whether you will answer to these requirements or not. Knowing what the blood needs at a certain point of your life makes easier for you to achieve the primary weight goal. If your goal is losing weight, your blood knows what foods suit you best for that manner.

Over several decades, researchers have identified over 1,000 common foods that contain powerful proteins called lectins. Here’s the key: These food lectins become active and important for you when they interact with your blood type.

For example, after consuming any number of foods containing wheat, both blood types O and A can experience bloating and other digestive problems. This may be more than a simple “food intolerance.” The walls of the stomach and intestines are lined with sensitive receptors that interact with, and respond to, the lectin in wheat. At first, you may only experience that wheat lectin interaction as a mild digestive problem, or a dull, listless feeling after consuming foods not right for you.

Over time, the result is a steadily deteriorating state of health, loss of energy and weight gain.

The good news is, by removing these targeted foods and replacing them with foods more suitable for your blood type, you begin to experience the benefits of a leaner, cleaner, more energetic body.

It’s easy to overlook a common source of dietary lectins: So-called “low calorie” diet foods and other snack foods. Take a new look at the snacks or diet drinks and powders you may be using right now. Do any of them contain any of the foodstuffs that are harmful to your blood type, or have lectins known to lead to inflammation and weight gain?

Consider replacing these with blood-type friendly Dr. D’Adamo-designed snack bars, protein drinks, and teas. Not only are these foods easier on your system –but they can have an immediate impact on your body’s lectin chain-reactions.

Look at your diet. Don’t try to change your entire life in one weekend. After looking over the key weight-gaining foods for your blood type, consider replacing at least two of them with other foods that may be neutral or even beneficial for your type.

Let’s take a look at the chart and bring further conclusions:

When you combine the knowledge about your body, health, and what diet suits you the best with exercises, your body will have no other choice but to get healthy and fit.

Surveys show how people are more worried about how they look than to start exercising. Excuses are taking over their life, and they become unhealthy.

I always advise people to start a healthy diet and exercising for their health, not for what will others say.

Think about it.

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