Building A Healthy Life Empire

Eric Lefkofsky Is Building A Healthy Empire

Eric Lefkofsky was born and raised in Michigan. His goal has always been to be involved in his community and better it. Eric does this in a few ways. On a monthly basis, Eric volunteers his time to help people who are running fundraisers for a great cause.

Eric Lefkofsky also loves helping people go from nothing to something because people helped him do the same thing. Eric is always on the lookout for small business owners who need help with taking their business to the next level and making investments.

Eric started several businesses in Michigan, and all of them are doing beyond satisfactory today. In all of Eric’s businesses, he has incorporated a new technology, and this, too, has been helping the community advance. In recent years, Eric Lefkofsky has been moved to help people who are suffering from cancer.

This is mainly because of how high the cost is for health insurance, and Eric knows of people who cannot even be treated for cancer because they do not have insurance. This is what pushed Eric to create his newest company Tempus.

Tempus is a technology organization that assists doctors in locating cancer cells before they can fully attack the patient. Eric Lefkofsky created Tempus with the help of world-class scientists and doctors. Being that treating cancer is so expensive, instead of trying to help people fight cancer, Eric had it in his mind to end cancer before it enters the body.

Tempus is Internet-based, and it can be used by any doctor in the world. After treating a cancer patient, doctors then upload pictures of cells, organs, and a list of symptoms attacking the patient.

When a new/returning patient comes in, doctors can analyze the cells and organs of the new/returning patient and compare them to the data located in Tempus. This is the most modern way to discover precancer cells. If there is any sign of these cells, doctors can get the patient on the proper medication right away. The great thing about Tempus is that only doctors have access to it, so people do not have to worry about the public getting hold of any private information.

Tempus is incredibly inexpensive, and it can be downloaded in less than 10 minutes. Tempus can be translated in any language, and the software is extremely easy to use. Doctors who purchase Tempus also have access to Tempus customer service, which is available every day of the week and every hour of the day. The customer service department also handles technical issues.

It has already been reported that approximately 100-1000 people have already been able to destroy precancer cells before they entirely took over the body. Eric Lefkofsky is planning to do more to the Tempus platform in the future. He wants to make it possible for doctors around the world to speak to one another right over the Tempus platform. Government officials in Michigan have stated that they are thrilled to have both Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus in the community.